Board Members

 Ron Chapman Jr. serves on the board and as Executive Director. He received his undergraduate degree from Harvard University, an M.S. from Psychological Studies Institute, and an M.P.A with a focus in Nonprofit Management from Georgia State University. During his career he has run numerous basketball leagues, organized and run kids' camps, and has taught lots and lots of chess. He brings a love of games and a desire to serve to Games For Life. As Executive Director, he oversees all the activities of the organization and seeks out mutually beneficial partnerships.
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Susan L. Chapman serves on the board and as Program Director. She received her undergraduate degree from Furman University and received her masters from Georgia Tech. The daughter of a teacher and professor, she has always had an interest in education and helping others achieve more than they currently are. Currently she is a professor at Brown Mackie College. With her teaching and research experience she brings a vital perspective to Games For Life.

Kathryn Bulger received her undergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of Georgia in 2004. The oldest child in a large, single parent family, she was consistently involved in her siblings activities. Her father's unflagging dedication to service and leadership through the Boy Scouts of America has been a strong influence throughout her life. Kathryn is a practiced tutor. She has significant experience in working with special-needs kids, particularly those who fall within the Autism and ADHD spectra.

Keith Becker received B.S. and M.S. degrees in aerospace engineering from Georgia Tech in 2003 and 2004, respectively, and he is currently pursuing his PhD in the same field at the same school. Keith actively serves on the leadership team of the young adults ministry at Mount Paran Church, and has organized and led teams representing Mount Paran in numerous flag football and softball leagues. Over the course of his life, Keith has witnessed firsthand the valuable lessons of teamwork, determination, and leadership that may be learned through healthy competition, and he is eager to help others grow in these areas.

Shawn Redmon earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Pastoral Ministry from Lee University and is pursuing a Masters of Divinity degree at the McAfee School of Theology/Mercer University. He is currently a Naval Reserve Officer and will become an active duty Chaplain upon graduation from seminary. Shawn’s ministry experience includes several Youth internships, leading Youth retreats, and teaching/preaching Bible, theology, and Christian ethics to the Youth. Shawn has the utmost devotion to God, family, and country and firmly believes that raising a godly Youth is pertinent to preserving a culture devoted those same values.

Michael Herndon received his undergraduate degree from Furman University, and holds an M.S. and MBA from Georgia Tech, where he is currently pursuing a PhD in the field of architecture. While at Georgia Tech, Michael has had experience with teaching, been an active member of the Graduate Student Government, and has previously done volunteer work with his church and local Boy Scout troop. Michael believes that the mental discipline, life lessons, and interaction with others provided by games provide benefits that will pay off for the rest of one's life.

Anthony Kamis Jr. earned his Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He has a professional background in finance that includes personal financial planning, investment advising, trading, and insurance. Anthony relocated from Chicago to Atlanta in 2002 with his devoted fiancée and her son. In addition to raising his family, he pursues many interests, including writing, philosophy, fitness training, and, of course, gaming. Anthony has been a gamer since childhood and understands the need to provide today’s youth with positive competition, structure, and healthy guidance.

Advisory Board Members
Charles Rooney, MBA
Dr. David Pitts - Professor at American University
Dr. Dennis Young - Professor at Georgia State University