To advance individual understanding and use of games for personal growth and knowledge. To teach individuals the usefulness of games to support healthy, fully-functioning, and financially responsible lives.

1. To advance individuals' understanding of the usefulness of games for developing critical thinking, agenda setting, strategizing and other skills
2. To advance individuals' abilities to transform skills learned through games into life skills that advance their social and economic sustainability
3. To use games to increase social capital
4. To conduct empirical research to know which games are the most appropriate for teaching certain skills

Why games?
There are countless games available that can be used to teach basic life skills. For example, "Monopoly" can be used to teach individuals about investing and multiplication, "Stratego" can be used to teach individuals about planning ahead, basketball can be used to teach lessons about the value of teamwork. Many individuals, and especially children, learn very well when they are interested and engaged in playing games. A primary goal of this nonprofit is to advance the learning of life skills through games for social and economic advancement.

Games For Life was started out of a passion that Ron Chapman Jr. has for both games and for service.
Having worked with elementary age children while he was in high school, college, and in recent years, he has seen how engaged children can become while playing games and how easily this engagement can lead to learning and growth.
Before starting Games For Life, he worked in schools in the Atlanta area with 3rd and 4th graders who were already a few grade levels behind where they needed to be. He interacted with kindergarteners whose parents did not want them around because they were just a hindrance. However, he saw these same students light up with excitement as they got to play a game of chess with a classmate or just learn what the pieces do and where they move. He knows that their struggle to figure out a good move in chess or Scrabble is strengthening their ability to succeed in school and life.


Games For Life is about more than just teaching games. We are about teaching important life principles that can enable individuals to be more involved and productive members of their communities and society at large. Working with teachers and other individuals who have a vested interest in education, Games For Life has identified a number of principles that are important and can be taught through games. This list contains the principles that we have developed lessons and curriculum around. More principles will be added to this list as specific lessons are developed for them.

1. Never Give Up

2. Hard work pays off

3. Think Critically

4. Have a plan

5. Think Ahead

6. Think about what your opponent will do

7. It is not about what you have, its about how you use it

8. Persevere

9. Always give your best effort

10. Have a positive attitude

11. Be a good sport/Have good sportsmanship

12. Respect, not only others, but also yourself

13. Teamwork is vital

14. How to problem solve

15. How to adjust/adapt to change 

Who We Serve

Our headquarters are in Decatur/Atlanta, GA, but through our curriculum, a Games For Life program can be anywhere. 
We have or have had classes in the follow locations.  We are always looking to serve more individuals, so please let us know if you have a place where our programs could be of use.

Adamsville Elementary                          Atlanta
Bob Mathis Elementary                         Decatur
Flat Shoals Elementary                          Decatur
Grove Park Elementary                         Atlanta
Miller Grove Middle                             Decatur
Kimberly Elementary                             Atlanta
Greenforest Christian Academy             Decatur
Mount Paran Church                             Atlanta
Nickajack Elementary                           Smyrna