If you are looking for our Programs, you are in the right place.  Here at Games For Life, games are our programs, so we combined the two terms and call them - "ProGames"


Chess ... wherever you are!
Recreation Centers
Kids' Camps
The list goes on and on... Chess is everywhere! As it should be. Schools systems all across the U.S. are bringing chess into classrooms as it has been in other countries for decades. At Games For Life we want to bring the benefits of chess to any arena where children gather. You tell us where, how many people, general age of the group, and chess experience and we design a program that will fit your group. Games For Life takes chess instruction to the next level. Not only do we teach chess so that children gain the documented benefits, but we also teach numerous life principles that extend far beyond games.
Feel free to contact us for an informational packet about our chess program. 


Our program with Scrabble is just like the one for chess, except with a different game. The same principles that are taught through our chess program are taught through our Scrabble one. So if you, or the children you work with, prefer Scrabble, we can work with that.


A game that most people are familiar with, yet is severely underused as a resource for teaching and learning. As our society moves more towards an asset run society instead of an income run society, the ideas and concepts that Monopoly can introduce to an individual will become even more important than they were in the past. Using Monopoly as a tool can teach individuals the importance of investing, ownership, and basic math skills, including addition, multiplication, division, and percentages.


The most popular partnership card game in the U.S. has benefits beyond just fun. Planning ahead, memory of cards that have already been played, and teamwork are key to accurate playing. Spades can also be used to get to know another person as both must blend their skills and abilities to form an effective team.


The ultimate team sport. Unlike other sports like football, baseball, or soccer where a good or bad quarterback, pitcher, or goalie often decide games, in basketball all the players are equally important. Teamwork is vital to success. In addition to teamwork, basketball also provides exercise which is important for one's health and well-being.